If you’re an experienced cryptocurrency investor you'll know that Ripple’s XRP is among the top five coins in market cap value. Now, an agreement between Walmart and Moneygram may very well help Ripple’s XRP value skyrocket.

To understand Ripple’s beginnings it's best to go back and study their history with their Wikipedia page or visit their official website and familiarize yourself with the company. In short, Ripple is a centralized currency exchange and remittance network created by the Ripple company. XRP is the token that Ripple uses, which also goes by Ripple. The company began in 2012 and provides nearly instant domestic or global financial transactions that are highly secure and inexpensive.

The aim of the Ripple company is to help the banking industry and other money exchange institutions to improve their services through the use of their network. XRP cuts down their client's fees and provides instantaneous transactions within their xRapid system instead of money transfers that can take days or in the case of Bitcoin, hours.

Their money transfer services serve institutions strictly dealing with the transferring of money as well. So far this year both Western Union and Moneygram have been testing Ripple’s system with, positive results.

Now, Walmart and Moneygram have joined together to start up a new money transfer agreement they’re calling Walmart2World, which is similar to their current money transfer system called Walmart2Walmart. This may be a huge windfall for Ripple with Walmart’s 4700 stores in the US alone, all of which will be using the Walmart2World system.

According to Walmart there will be a unique pricing structure for sending money from the US to anywhere in the world. It will be $4 for up to 50 dollars, $8 for $51-$1000 and $16 for $1,000-$2,500

Walmart says the delivery will occur in mere minutes to any one of MoneyGram's agents in 200 nations or any international bank or mobile wallet account.

So, the question remains if xRapid will be utilized with Walmart and MoneyGram’s new service? That for the moment remains unclear, however, we do know that xRapid is currently being tested by MoneyGram though it is uncertain as to when it will be fully integrated into MoneyGram’s services. If the testing comes out to work for them they way they’d like, it’s a win-win for all.

Moneygram is currently the 2nd largest provider of money transfers in the world with their ~347,000 agent offices.