A new study out of the UK finds that ~ 21% of the population aged between 21 and 35 would rather put their money into Bitcoin rather than real estate.

A UK based developer known as Get Living conducted a recent poll of 3,000 millennials to see how the age group saw long term investments and particularly real estate investments. The survey titled, "Millenial Living In 2018:
Insights for the UK ‘Build-To-Rent’ Sector", revealed that three-quarters of those surveyed felt there were better investments to be made than in real estate; 57% saw property as too ‘high risk’, and 21% said that Bitcoin was a better long term investment.

More than 33% of the homeowners in the poll said that their property value dropped in first 12 months. Of those same people, 57% said they underestimated the cost of buying their first home.

“For Millennials the soaring performance of Bitcoin – followed by an almost equally profound correction – holds more intrigue than the prospect of steady growth in house prices. This translated to 27% of male Millennials polled believing Bitcoin represents a better investment than property,” the survey said.

See full survey here.