If you have $44 million (US) worth of cryptocurrency sitting around, the Palazzetto, which is a mega mansion seated in the heart of Rome is officially up for sale. This will be the first mansion of its type to accept cryptocurrency bids online.

The Palazzetto, which is currently owned by Hilton & Hyland, is a marvelous 11 bedroom mansion that has over 18,000 square feet of living space. Fitting to its locale, the mansion comes with frescos and sculptures that date to the 1500s, along with 360 degree views of famous nearby sites such as the Colosseum.

On top of being a spectacular location for real estate, the home also comes with a secret garden that is well over 2000 square feet. Real estate experts say this kind of extravagance in a dense city such as Rome is practically unheard of.

According to the auction house the architect of the home, Giacomo della Porta, worked with Michelangelo.

Rick Hilton, who serves as chairman of Hilton & Hyland, became the senior advisor for the blockchain-based data driven platform AQUA Intelligence just last month and has had a very big interest in blockchain technology.