Content creators on YouTube are becoming frustrated with the site's latest policies and restrictions and are seeking out new places to publish their content. Now the online media giant, which is owned by Google, is beginning to see a wave of rivalry in the form of blockchain based platforms.

In a recent report by Bloomberg Business, video makers are seeking new places and ways to make money after YouTube suddenly began restricting and demonetizing their user content. Now more creators are looking at blockchain based platforms as an alternative and developers are happy to comply with the demand.

One such complaint with YouTube came from the Slingshot channel, hosted by Jörg Sprave. Sprave was demonetized heavily at one point due to the fact that he makes weapons out of, as you may have guessed, slingshots and other rubber band powered toys and weapons. Sprave was so frustrated that he started up a grassroots campaign for a YouTuber’s Union. Whether their complaints will be heard is uncertain, but he claims to have made some headway.

Another frustrated YouTuber is a Canadian outdoorsman from Ontario who goes by the moniker of “The Bearded Woodsman”. He too became demonetized simply for the fact that he showed game being cleaned and quartered. In an effort to help keep his projects going he began selling T-shirts and taking direct donations for his channel that focuses mainly on wilderness survival and living in the wild by foraging and hunting.

One new video site based on blockchain technology that is growing rapidly is called D.Tube. Based on its current format, creators are not censored by the site. D.Tube says their aim is to allow viewers to watch or upload videos on IPFS, share or comment on them with the immutable STEEM Blockchain, all the while earning cryptocurrency doing it.

On D.Tube’s about page we read,

“Because of the decentralized nature of IPFS and the STEEM blockchain, D.Tube is not able to censor videos, nor enforce guidelines. Only the users can censor it, through the power of their upvotes and downvotes.” says they want to create a fair platform that is absolutely free of outside advertising where the user can be free to advertise any product or service they wish. They claim they made the site in order to give YouTubers an alternative where there are, “no hidden algorithms controlling the visibility or monetization of certain videos over others”.

Whether sites like and others can become a true competitor to YouTube remains to be seen but there is no doubt that competition in the form of blockchain platforms is on the rise. Blockchain may very well be the sleeping giant that breaks up YouTube’s current domination.