Pornhub has announced that they will be providing the option for their models to be paid in Verge (XVG). The announcement comes shortly after the May 4th announcement that TrafficJunky would begin accepting Verge as payment on their TJ platform, which began officially on Monday, May 7th.

Pornhub’s model payment program allows for content creators to upload their own videos. If the audience likes the video it has the potential to generate a lot of revenue for the participant, which Pornhub says is 80% of the advertising revenue generated. The site is said to receive some 80 million visits per day.

Before the Verge payment option, models had the option of receiving direct deposit, PayPal, Paxum or physical check in the mail. This latest Verge payment option essentially makes Verge (XVG) the de facto coin within the majority of the online adult entertainment industry.

Pornhub’s camaraderie with Verge dates back to MindGeek’s announcement last month, which is massive in size and by far the largest online company dealing with adult entertainment. It chose Verge specifically as an exclusive cryptocurrency partner to add to its online payment options due to its privacy and security. Hours before the big announcement, interest in Verge (XVG) currency began to soar making it the most exchanged altcoin for some time on popular cryptocurrency exchanges. It was during this time period that the privacy-focused cryptocurrency rose more than 22%.

In March of this year Verge announced a crowdfunding campaign asking investors for a donation of 75 million XVG to secure the partnership which could not be announced due to an NDA agreement between Verge and who we now know was MindGeek. While it came with some controversy by detractors, this latest venture proved to naysayers that Verge remains on track to become a highly popular and adopted cryptocurrency.