The Maltese government has attracted yet another cryptocurrency exchange. This time OKEx has announced their intention to relocate to Malta.

Less than a month ago Binance, which operates as the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced that the European nation of Malta would become their new home of operations. Now OKEx says they too will be choosing Malta as their new home due to Malta’s progressive advancements towards pro-blockchain government legislation.

Europe seems like the most logical place for companies like Okex and Binance for many reasons, one being location and the fact more European nations are looking at cryptocurrency positively. Currently Switzerland and France are actively engaging in crypto’s future as well.

Chris Lee, who serves as CEO of OKEx, said in a statement,

“We anticipate working with the Malta government as it is groundbreaking and offers a large number of our same esteems: the most vital of which are security of brokers and the overall population, consistency with Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer gauges, and acknowledgment of the advancement and significance of proceeded with improvement in the Blockchain biological system.”

The Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, welcomed OKEx and said that Malta, “is quickly turning into the purview of decision for Distributed Ledger Technology organizations in the European Union and all around.”

According to OKEx, they’re currently providing over 400 token & futures trading pairs for traders. They have a combined spot trading and futures trading volume that places them in one of the top digital asset exchanges globally. BTC futures trade nearly US$1.5 billion of volume daily.