Ethereum may be the second most popular decentralized cryptocurrency but its applications expand further than just about smart contracts and purchases. In the past 60 days more than 70% of Ethereum's newest decentralized applications (DApps) have been centered around gaming and entertainment.

December 2017 was the month to remember for major cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. Both skyrocketed in value and other altcoins followed their lead to some extent. Part of Ethereum’s success came, oddly enough, from a DApp called “Cryptokitties”. CryptoKitties is a blockchain based virtual game that was developed by the Vancouver, BC and San Francisco, California based venture group Axiom Zen. The game allows players to purchase, breed, collect and sell numerous types of virtual cats. It was one of the of the earliest examples of blockchain technology being deployed for general fun. The game became so popular that it congested the Ethereum network in December of 2017 when it reached an all-time high in transactions. It was the first time the network had been slowed to such degree.

Cryptokitties seems to have set a trend amongst DApps as the Ethereum network has developed a pull for such applications revolving around gaming. In a recent report by, the site shows that in the Ethereum network over the past 60 days, 70.5% of the newest 250 DApps have been in the entertainment and games genre.