Microsoft said on Monday June 4, 2018 that it reached an agreement to acquire GitHub, which is a leading software development platform where many blockchain protocols, including the Bitcoin blockchain, manage their source code.

In the announcement Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella said, “Microsoft is a developer-first company, and by joining forces with GitHub we strengthen our commitment to developer freedom, openness and innovation.”

The agreement states that Microsoft would acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion (US) in Microsoft stock. The deal will be subject to basic conditions at time of closing and the completion of a regulatory review. The deal is supposed to be done by he end of the year.

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Nat Friedman, will take on the role as GitHub’s new CEO.

As part of the deal, GitHub will continue to operate independently and continue to use the programming languages and operating systems of their choice for any and all projects they’re working on.