John McAfee is famously known for his successesful antivirus software and more recently for his advocacy and influence in cryptocurrency. Now, he is emphatic that this is the year for cryptocurrencies saying, “this is the year of the explosion.” What’s even more optimistic is that he’s not alone with this opinion.

There is no doubt that John McAfee is a larger than life character in the tech world. Long before the Internet became a household thing, he had the vision to see what was ahead and tirelessly worked with his antivirus software company that he began in 1987. He later sold the company along with his name to Intel for $7.7 billion (USD).

McAfee’s Twitter feed and opinion are always colorful, and sometimes a bit risqué to those unaware of his personality. Nevertheless, it’s his proven ability to see and predict things that can garner attention by those in the crypto world.

In a recent video interview where McAfee was asked if it is still a good or bad time for investments, McAfee said that now is the time to invest, and he literally means now. “By the end of this year, it might be too late,” McAfee added, “because this is going to be the year of the explosion of the true growth of cryptocurrencies. And what you have seen in the past is nothing compared to what you will see this year.”

To those who are skeptical about McAfee’s opinions for 2018, just a little research will show that he’s not alone in his opinion. LDJ Capital Founder & Chairman, David Drake, stands behind a $30 thousand (USD) Bitcoin value for 2018. Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson says that cryptocurrencies are going to rise dramatically, and he sees Bitcoin and Ethereum being like Amazon in its early days. The CEO of Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead, says Bitcoin is a “screaming buy.” And then there is Venture Capitalist Tim Draper who says that Bitcoin will become bigger than the Internet.

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