IBM’s Vice President Jesse Lund has confirmed that Stellar is being used in a real-world environment for the company’s blockchain solutions.

At this point there is no question about it, blockchain is here to stay. More and more companies are hopping on the bandwagon finding ways to implement the technology into their own workplace solutions. IBM is one of those companies leading the way as they now join forces with a popular payment network, Stellar.

Lund confirmed the latest talk that IBM is using Stellar Lumen’s tech in a real-world environment for the company’s blockchain solutions. While this comes as a surprise to some, it was more of a long time coming as the two companies signed an agreement with one another back in October of 2017 leading to rumors of a partnership.

In October of last year Lund writes,

Through IBM’s blockchain payments solution, which integrates the IBM Blockchain Platform with the open source Stellar network, payments are settled based on instructions provided through smart contracts on Hyperledger Fabric, and they become immutable and final once recorded. Stellar, now part of the Hyperledger project, provides the network and digital asset management to facilitate the settlement of transactions cleared on Hyperledger Fabric.

This camaraderie among the two companies is a sure win-win for both and it would be a safe assumption that Stellar will become IBM’s main bridge asset with its universal payment solution.