Börse Stuttgart, Germany’s second largest stock exchange, will soon begin trading cryptocurrencies through its main subsidiary, Bison. To start, they will only be trading four of the most commonly traded currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.

Bison, according to Stuttgart, is the world’s first cryptocurrency app which is backed by a traditional stock exchange. Currently the app only has a prototype, however they plan to have a full version running by September of this year. The app will also be offering 100% free trading and will feature news headlines based on the current day’s market.

A large factor in the app's creation is the mere fact that so many people are interested in cryptocurrencies and want easier access into the market. While the app will only deal with four cryptocurrencies for the time being, more will be added in the near future.

Just recently a story released by The New York Times said that the New York Stock Exchange was working to create an online exchange that will allow investors to trade in Bitcoin. The trading would operate through the NYSE's parent company, the Intercontinental Exchange.

Just a week prior to the leak about the NYSE exploring the idea of an online exchange dealing in Bitcoin, the CEO of Nasdaq said that the Nasdaq exchange was very open to allowing the trading of cryptocurrencies but only as soon as the market matured.