The Chinese CCID (Quingdao) Blockchain research Institute released its latest findings on the top cryptocurrencies. It listed EOS for the first time while simultaneously ranking it at number one; Ethereum took second place.

The second edition for the ratings of cryptocurrencies has been released by the Chinese government. The list, which is titled the “Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index”, is distributed on a monthly basis and shows what Chinese experts see as the best cryptocurrencies in regards to their technologies and applications.

This new run shows Ethereum taking second place with EOS taking the lead. Bitcoin still retains its number 17 spot. IOTA, which has gotten a lot of attention in the US for its different platform all together, comes in at number 19 just ahead of Verge coin.

On June 13 of this year the CCID said that EOS was an, “operating system designed for commercial distributed applications. A new blockchain architecture has been introduced to achieve the performance extension of distributed applications. Because of its potential to support commercial distributed applications, it is considered by the industry to be a typical representative of Blockchain 3.0.”

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