The number of cryptocurrency related jobs doubled in the first quarter of 2018. This is according to data compiled by the start-up jobs site, AngelList which serves as a connection site for matching blossoming start-up companies with angel investors.

Through January of 2018, the number of jobs grew from just under 500 to over 800. This comes as a surprise to many seeing as the value of Bitcoin plummeted from its all time high in December 2017 by over 50%. Though the value of Bitcoin and other altcoins declined, job listings for the cryptocurrency community went up considerably.

In 2017, Bitcoin and Ethereum generated substantial attention within the investment community - rapidly driving their prices to all time highs. This was the first notable instance of FOMO buyers jumping into cryptocurrency. The boost in their value was coupled by the ICO boom which was driven by investors seeking drastic returns on their investments, inspiring more start-ups to delve into ICOs.

AngelList noted,

“The team behind Filecoin recently broke the record for the largest ICO in history, raising $257m to build a decentralized file storage system. As cryptocurrency companies are growing, raising larger amounts of money at higher valuations, so are their hiring needs for finding top talent.”

The positions listed by AngelList covered more than just the technical aspects of blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies. Companies were searching for those with soft skills such as customer support, business development, management and so forth. This is added proof that just because cryptocurrency may have been experiencing a bearish cycle, the technology surrounding it and blockchain continues to press forward at a considerable pace. It is because of this forward momentum that experts in the field continue to make optimistic projections of the value of the market.

AngelList is a platform for startups to raise money online, recruit employees, and apply for funding. It began in January 2010 and was founded by Babak Nivi and Naval Ravikant, who also wrote Venture Hacks.