Coinbase is rebranding its GDAX trading platform to Coinbase Pro, this comes after the purchase of the 0x protocol-based decentralized exchange Paradex.

GDAX will come to an end on June 29th when it’s rolled over by Coinbase to become Coinbase Pro..

Even though some consider Coinbase a bare bones cryptocurrency exchange, it still maintains itself as the most profitable exchange operating. In an effort to keep that title, Coinbase is adding new features and plans to overhaul its services for customers.

Just recently Coinbase acquired Paradex and will be offering a peer-to-peer trading of ERC20 tokens to its customers outside the US. The company says once things are in order for US regulators they plan on bringing the services to the US market.

David Farmer who serves as the current General Manager of Coinbase Pro said in an official Coinbase blog post that the vision for the company was to give its customers the ability to use services such as staking or protocol voting, something distinct to cryptocurrencies. Staking is something many long term investors find appealing, and would make Coinbase an attractive place to invest.

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