Coinbase recently announced plans to move into Japan with the opening of a new office there. Nao Kitazawa has been appointed head of the new Japanese office.

Mr. Kitazawa was given the position because of his experience and expertise in the Fintech industry inside of Japan. He was also chose due to his working relationship with Japanese regulators since he is already a board member of the Fintech Association of Japan.

Kitazawa previously served as the chief operations officer for Money Design, which was a leading Fintech company in Japan, and he was also featured as one of the top 10 Fintech leaders by Tech in Asia.

In a June 4th, 2018 blog post Coinbase said, “Nao’s passion for cryptocurrency combined with his extensive background provides Coinbase with a great foundation to successfully push into the largest cryptocurrency market in the world.”

Go here to see the full Coinbase blog post on the story.